We in media – media about us

The main windows to the world through which Hungry Pumpkin spreads its ideas are:

We are happy and proud that our quality is noticed by other media and publish our articles or write about us:

  • From July 2019 onwards, we have our own two or four page section of slovene Viva magazine every month. In addition to the print edition, the articles are also published on their web portal: https://www.viva.si/

  • Since February 2020, slovene magazine Gaia has been regularly publishing one or two of our articles.
  • In January 2020, we were hosted on the TV show Klepet ob kavi. The content and the clip are available on their website (https://klepetobkavi.si/) and YouTube.
  • The media reported on Hungry Pumpkin even when its authors received the Prometej znanosti za odličnost v komuniciranju. At that time, they wrote about us at:

We even had some interviews: