Hungy Pumpkin team

Hello dear readers!

We are a team of pharmacist, biologist and botanist that share at least one common thing and that is a passion of healthy lifestyle based more on vegan food.

In the age of the internet and social media you can hear many things about this topic and not all are reliable. We believe that vegan diet can be quite simple, varied, tasty, and affordable. And we know that some doctors and nutritionists have strong opinions when it comes to vegan lifestyle. One of them is about protein and the inadequate ratio of amino acids in vegan protein sources, another one is that the amount of fiber consumed in vegan diets is too high … That is why we are going to tackle these assumptions head-on with scientific arguments and concrete calculations to break down some inaccurate stereotypes surrounding vegan eating. 

We arwe happy to share simple vegan recipes and some serious science with you. Don’t be afraid to reach out with your questions and comments, and don’t forget to look us up on social media. 

The Hungry Pumpkin Team – Samo Kreft, Darja Kolar, and Karsten Fatur